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Ashley Stursa / Apexe Dobermans

Home of:
Marco vom Landgraf BH CGC TT IPO3
*2019 IDC World Championship, 17th place*
Norah vom Landgraf BH CGC TT IPO2

We are located in Ohio, USA.

I am a proud member of OG Buckeye Schutzhund club, the United Doberman Club, DVG America, and United Schutzhund Clubs of America.





05-2019- Marco vom Landgraf earns IGP3 (5x) at the 2019 IDC World Championship!

Marco shows at the 2019 Doberman World Championship in Hungary- earning the “new” IGP3 title, with an excellent 97v track! Marco placed 16th out of 49 entrants.

12-2018- Norah vom Landgraf receives IPO2!

Norah earned her IPO2 just under six weeks after her B litter left. Scores were 86-73-90a.

10-2018 Marco is Vice Champion of the UDC Fall Classic National Championship!

Marco’s scores: 90-83-99 and wins High Protection and Helper’s Favorite. He received his qualifying score to compete at the IDC World Championship in Hungary, May 2019.

05-2018 Marco vom Landgraf 3x IPO3, High in Trial.

Marco’s scores: 98-93-98=289V. High in Trial, High Tracking, High Obedience, High Protection.

10-2017- Marco vom Landgraf goes High In Trial at OG Ohio Hundesport! 

Marco vom Landgraf earns his second IPO3 at OG Ohio Hundesport in Dalton, Ohio under SV Judge Christiane Groene Seidel with scores 97-88-97=282.  Marco achieved High Tracking, High Protection, and High in Trial!

06- 2017- Norah vom Landgraf Earns Her IPO1! 

Norah vom Landgraf earns her IPO1 in a short timeframe of six months at OG Buckeye.  Norah earned scores of 84-88-90 under SV Judge Hans Christian Boll.  Norah achieved High Obedience!

05-2017- Marco vom Landgraf earns his IPO3!

Marco earns his first IPO3 at OG Buckeye under SV Judge Hermann Schaemann!  Marco scored 96-87-99= 282.  He achieved High IPO3 and High Protection!

05-2017- Norah vom Landgraf earns her BH!

Norah earns her BH under SV Judge Hermann Schaemann, achieving "High BH Performance!"  



Marco vom LandGraf IPO3


Marco vom Landgraf BH CGC TT IPO3

Health Information:
OFA Hips Good, vWD Clear, CERF Eyes Normal (02/2019), 24hr Holter Normal (12/2018), OFA Echo Normal (03/2019), OFA Full Dentition, DD not carrying the dilute gene.

Live Cover, Fresh Chilled Shipped, or Frozen Semen available to approved bitches.

IPO1 - High IPO1, High Tracking & High Protection, 2016 UDC Nationals IPO1 Champion
IPO2 - High IPO2, High Protection (97V)
1x IPO3- High IPO3, High Protection (99V)
2x IPO3- High in Trial, High Tracking, High Protection (97V)
3x IPO3- High in Trial, High Tracking, High Obedience, High Protection (98V)
4x IPO3- High Protection (99V), Helper’s Favorite, UDC Fall Classic Vice Champion
5x IGP3- 2019 IDC World Championship, 17th place out of 49 entrants, with a 97V in tracking.

Pedigree: https://www.working-dog.com/dogs-details/2528396/Marco-vom-Landgraf
Videos: 2018 UDC Fall Classic National Championship IPO3 Protection 99pts: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=c0Axukgjeas 
IPO3 Protection 99 pts: https://youtu.be/3RrgQZAhGtc

Quint vom Edertal IPO3 x Chalmar's Oorah Landgraf IPO3

34894230_10100149831759861_2195032642523496448_n (1).jpg




Health Information:
OFA Hips Good, vWD Clear, PDK4 DCM Negative, Echo Normal (03/2019), 24hr Holter Normal (12/2018), OFA Thyroid Normal, CERF Eyes Normal (02/2019)

Trial Results:
05-2017 High BH Performance
06-2017 IPO1 earned, 84-88-90a, High Obedience
12-2018 IPO2 earned, 86-73-90a, 6 weeks after her puppies went home!

Norah is the mother to our A, B, and C litters.

Videos: Long attack: https://youtu.be/4HonE_Lg_P8
Indoor training: https://youtu.be/QJCougIbSOk

Eiko vom Landgraf IPO3 x Indiana vom Landgraf IPO1




Planned Litters:
None planned at this time.

A Litter - Born 10.06.2017

Marco vom Landgraf IPO3 x Norah vom Landgraf IPO2

B Litter- Born 09.01.2018

Ijuri vom Warringhof IPO3 x Norah vom Landgraf IPO2

 C Litter- Born 07.17.2019

Pirat vom Warringhof IPO3 x Norah vom Landgraf IPO2



Akina vom Apexe at 4 months- A Litter

Akina vom Apexe at 4 months- A Litter


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